What is Christian Theology, and why is it important for the believer to study? In this post we'll answer those two questions.

The word ‘theology’ is used interchangeably but, is essentially the Study of God. The origins of the word date back to Greek times and combines Theos (meaning God) and Logos (meaning the study of, or discourse).

In the Bible, it states that each Christian starts to know God personally from the moment they believe in Jesus Christ. 

In John 17:3, it states:

 This is eternal life: that they may know You, the only true God, and the One You have sent- Jesus Christ.

The Christian life is a relationship between the Creator and the believer, and this relationship matures and grows as one learns more about their God.

When a person learns about God, they become Spiritually rich—as such, dedicating oneself to Christian Theology becomes integral.  

A Person’s Beliefs Impact How They Live Their Lives 

The opinions a person holds about God truly impact the way a person lives their daily life.

Christian Theology is not merely an academic pursuit that is removed from authentic day-to-day living, and we each live in accordance with our personal beliefs. 

Practically speaking, if a person believes in the existence of God, and that they can know him personally, then this individual with the aim to do things that please him.

On the other hand, if a person does not believe in the existence of God, then they will typically act or behave in a manner that suits themselves; without having to consider answering to God or any form of Supreme being in any way. 

As a consequence, a person’s individual beliefs about God can have incredible implications in their daily life and actions. Paul the Apostle wrote about this.

In Timothy 6:3, it states: 

Some false teachers may deny these things, but these are the sound, wholesome teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ, and they are the foundation for a Godly life.

Everybody Has Their Own Beliefs 

Theologians study theology as a profession.

But in some sense, everybody is a Theologian of sorts; for each person has their own theology, in that they each have their personal belief about God. Even an Atheist has its own belief that God does not exist. 

As such, you do not need to have an Academic Degree in Theology to be a Theologian; nor do you need to be in full-time Christian Service or a minister!

Just as everyone has their own beliefs about God, some people give a lot of thought to what they do and do not believe; whereas others won’t spend much time thinking about this at all.

Whether you think about your beliefs a lot, a little, or not at all; we all have a set of beliefs or theology that we live by. 

So, the critical question for a believer is how good of a theologian will they be, and to what end, and in how much detail will they think about their beliefs?

Christian Theology Is Unique – Here’s Why

Christian Theology is the study of the Christian Faith, and it is limited to the study of the true and living God of the Bible, and not Gods of other religions, as he is the only God in existence.

This is why it is clearly distinguished from the theology that is associated with the beliefs of the secular culture along with other religions.

Christians use the term Theology in two core, yet very different ways. 

In a broadest, and most widely regarded sense, it applies to Christian Teaching as a whole.

It is often described as the science that deals with God’s relationship to humankind and our knowledge of God and the Bible.

Second, to this, the term theology can also relate to the specialized study of the doctrine of the God of the Bible; and takes an in-depth look at his Character, his works, and his existence. It is sometimes called the ‘doctrine of God’ or ‘theology proper.’ 

In Summary 

For those who study Christian Theology, there is no creation as such.

Instead, it is about discovering information and facts about God that are already in existence. It’s about looking at all of the available evidence through a process of collection of analysis, then drawing specific evidence-based conclusions from these facts.

It is undoubtedly more investigative than creative; discovering the facts about God as he has revealed them to use.

We will only ever know as much as he has chosen to disclose and to do this, his written word must be studied.

The Bible is the only infallible source of Christian theology.


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