About Us

Today, the Bible, & You was started by John Barela in 1984.

It is a non-denominational Bible-teaching ministry, which means we are not affiliated with or supported by any specific church or denominational group.

God supplies our financial support through the generous gifts of our readers and ministry friends.

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John Barela


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Today's FrontPage

Our Newsletter

“Today’s FrontPage” is our monthly newsletter.

Our motto is “Keeping you informed.”

As believers are made aware of current events and how they may affect them, their family, and their faith, they are better equipped to live victoriously.

FrontPage provides articles that strengthen your faith, alert you to concerning present national and world issues, and inspire you while pointing you to the Blessed Hope of the believer.

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Our Missions

Our missionary outreach is one of the essential functions of Today, the Bible, & You.

We currently have a growing work with schools and orphanages in India, Myanmar (Burma), and Bangladesh.

We also support native missionaries in the Philippines and have built two radio stations in the Amazon Valley of Peru, which broadcast godly teaching and music 24 hours a day.

You Can Help Us Continue to Spread The Gospel

Today, the Bible, & You works to reach unbelievers with the Gospel of Christ and develop spiritual maturity in believers.

We believe in the literal teaching of the Word. We seek to honor God, champion the Bible, advance ministry, and promote and practice stewardship as we accomplish our mission and purpose.

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