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Educating and Offering Hope About Current Events and Bible Prophecy

Hope about current events and Bible Prophecy to inform, educate, and warn Christians and non-Christians alike regarding dark times ahead.

Broken Arrow’s Today, the Bible, & You is a ministry founded by John Barela over 36 years ago. Our ministry highlights current events in light of Biblical prophecy, recognizing many of today’s headlines are prophetic in nature and unnoticed by the majority.

Our Mission

Our ministry examines worldwide current events and compares them with Bible prophecy. We encourage all people to read and study the Holy Bible for themselves and then simply compare its end times prophecies with current events going on in the world, especially things going on in the Middle East and Israel.”

Barela’s ministry provides a Biblical response to questions people are struggling to find answers to. This Biblical response allows people to observe what Scripture says about any question, interpret for themselves what the Scripture says, and apply the Scripture to their life, giving them the opportunity to live by faith in response to God’s Word

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We focus primarily on news in Israel, current events, and Biblical prophecy and recognize that in the Bible, Jesus not only warned of these very dangerous and perilous times, but also gave the promise of hope

Additionally, Today, the Bible, & You is involved in mission work all over the world, including Peru, Philippines, Burma, India, Russia, and Uganda. In September, we sent funds to provide rice for missions in Uganda and India.

Helping many of the underprivileged of the world is important to us, and we believe that “we are designed to live by the indwelling presence of the Spirit of Christ.”

About Dr. John Barela

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John Barela is a non-denominational pastor and teacher, author, and former TV and radio commentator.

In 1981, he began the ministry of Today, the Bible, & You, which highlights current events and Bible prophecy.

John hosted a weekly television and radio ministry from 1985-1995, and continues to publish a monthly newsletter, Today’s Frontpage, dealing with current events and Bible prophecy.

Read the September 2020 issue of our newsletter.

Extensively involved in worldwide missions, John has traveled to more than sixty countries to provide Bible Seminars and mission outreach. 

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