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Entertaining Angels Unawares

Read the recent article by Dr. John Barela entitled "Entertaining Angels Unawares."

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you you you entertaining angels unawares hi dr. John borella bringing you an interesting message on the Angelica warfare that’s ongoing around us every single day practically it is exciting to know that God has provided every believer with the Secret Service detail of the heavenly variety we’re told in God’s Word in the book of Hebrews chapter 13 verse to be not forgetful to entertain strangers for thereby some have entertained angels unawares now God wants us to know he wants you and me to know that there are godly good holy elect angels as a called in the Word of God as opposed to the Fallen evil angel known commonly as demons or the devil few realize what kind of a universe we live in camille flammarion said this and this might help you to get an idea of what endless space means we live in this vast universe then I understand that all the starch which have ever been observed in the sky the millions of luminous of bodies sons of every magnitude and of every degree of brightness solar systems planets satellites by which millions and hundreds of millions succeed each other in the void around us that whatever human tongues have designated by the name of the universe do not in the infinite represent more than an island not more than an island not more than a city in the grand total of population in this city of the limitless Empire our son its system represents one single house a single house among millions of inhabitants the earth of course is a room in that solar house that’s quite a staggering thing to realize to consider the vastness of this universe that we live in one of the most common questions I’m asked is John do you believe being exists in other planets beyond the earth of course my answer is always yes of course they do the universe has a trafficking of beans all through it so the next question that usually comes is oh I guess you believe in UFOs and my answer again is yes I believe in unidentified flying objects not swirling around like sort of glorified frisbees or anything like that but I believe that the Bible says that there are beans occupying the universe literally tens of millions of their hundreds of millions probably filling the void around us the number of course is innumerable you cannot be counted they live in the heavenly sphere they are amazing beans they can change forms time to time they can be material and invisible and since the creation of man they have mingled in the affairs of humanity before Noah’s Flood they even had relations with female human beings we’re told in Ezekiel or in Hebrews chapter 13 verse 2 don’t forget to understand attained strangers because in this manner some have entertained angels without even knowing about it if you have time read the biography of this one missionary by the name of John Peyton he was a missionary to the new he he breeds and he tells a story about some angelic care that he received in his lifetime he wrote that he had that one night wild native surrounded his house frantically dancing all around and jumping up and down in the jungle wanting to kill him his wife of course they both got on the knees realized there was no way in the world they could ever survive or he would protect themselves against these wild cannibals and they prayed it was soon thereafter that the attackers all vanished into the jungle they were gone they just went away for no unknown reason for no known reason to him a year later the chief of the tribe became a born-again Christian and John asked him at that time what happened that night about a year ago when your natives surrounded our little Hut on the sand near the beach and all of a sudden they just vanished they just look one way they they left and this is what that chief said one of us because of all those men you had with you we left John said there were no men there’s only himself and his wife the chief said that they had seen men standing guard hundreds of his big old giant men in shining clothes with swords in their hands totally circling his home the question is that God dispatched in legion of angels to protect the servant wouldn’t be the first time the Bible provides us with a similar story in second Kings chapter 6 verses 15 to 23 where we find Elijah in deep trouble we’re told them when the servant of the man of God was risen early and went forth behold a host compass to the city both with horses and chariots and his servant said unto Him alas my master how shall we do and the answer to fear not for they that be with us are more than they that be with them and Elijah pregs and lord I pray thee open his eyes that he may see what I’m seeing and the Lord opened the eyes of the young man and he saw and wow the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all round about Elijah and when they came down to him Elijah prayed him to the Lord and said smite this people I pray thee with blindness and he smote them with blindness according to the word of alicia and Elisha said on to them this is not the way near is this the city follow me and I will bring it to the man whom you seek but he led them to Samaria and it came to pass when they were coming to Samaria that Elisha said Lord opened the eyes of these men that they may see and the Lord opened their eyes and they saw and behold they were in the midst of Samaria and the king of Israel said on to Alicia when he saw them my father shall i smite them shall i smite them and the answered thou shall not smite them what does the smite those whom thou has taken captive with I sword and with I bow said bread and water before that that they may eat and drink and go to their master and he prayed and he prepared a great provision for them and they after they had eaten and drunk what had been taken to them he sent them away and they went to their master so the bands of Syria came no more into the Land of Israel friend this happens much more than we realize there’s another story I’d like to share with you that occurred during World War two it was a story about the famous captain Eddie Rickenbacker he was shot down in pacific ocean and it was recounted and he himself told this to Billy Graham for weeks he was lost out in the ocean and finally he was rescued from drifting and he said and this part I would hesitate to tell except that there were six witnesses who saw it with me ago a seagull came out of nowhere and just lighted on my head in the middle of the Pacific he said he reached up his hand very gently and took that bird and killed him he said we divided him equally among us we ate every bit nothing ever tasted so good as that seagull did that day he said he said I have no explanation except that God sent one of his angels to rescue me the same thing Elijah meant when he ran away from Jezebel and he ran away so far he was just dying of hunger and God sent her a bird and took him to a loaf of bread and there was also the startling story of the white cavalry and Bethune France in april of nineteen eighteen it was Gwen day he recorded in his book the wonder of the word this is what he said the story of the white cavalry at Bethune is attested by thousands of Germans and related in the words of a Prussian officer and he’s quoted as saying we were advancing at the head of our troops all of whom were in excellent spirits singing as they swung along the road thinking that the British were now defeated and all that remained was to go forward without opposition and capture Paris by my side with lieutenant Fritz and he suddenly seized hold of my arm saying look ere Capitan there is a large body of mounted men approaching Bethune from the other side why they’re clad in white and are mounted on white horses who can they be I don’t know there may be they may be British colonial mounted troops they halted instinctively and stood watching those white uniform clad cavalry advancing quietly through the smoke their figures clearly outlined in the shining Sun we saw the shelves breaking into death-dealing fragments burst in amidst their ranks with shattering crashes which actually shook the ground and those are soon followed by intensive machine-gun fire which raked them to and fro until it would seem impossible for anyone to survive that volley of bullets but the white cavalry came quietly forward at a slow trot and not man or a horse fell resistless as the upcoming tied the advance and then from from among them rode their leader of fine figure of a man by side was a great sword not a cavalry sword but similar to that used by the Crusaders and his hand lay quietly holding the reins of the great white charger and it bore proudly forward then a terrorist season he said and I found myself fleeing from that awe inspiring body of a white cavalry frightened terrified all around we were masses of men formerly an army now a rabble broken and afraid all running for their lives but more especially from that wonderful leader on the great white charger the Ormen army is defeated we lost the war and due to the white cavalry what was that maybe psalm 34 7 would explain it best the angel of the Lord in camp around about them that fear Him and delivereth him this happened with Israel many times as they were faced with overwhelming odds from Syria and other Arab countries you know what some people believed about that story they believed that God had answered the prayers of the British people and delivered England on that occasion had he answered prayer by setting his invisible army and given those people at least the glimpse of his hosts people ask this universe is occupied by these creatures there have been in my life they’ve been in your life and though usually the natural human vision cannot perceive them they mingle in the earth all around us on a daily base every time the Bible is given they’re there they’re here right both good demons good angels and bad demons it’s surprising that when you begin to talk about holy angels people are more skeptical than they are when you talk about demons that’s quite unusual in a dimension that we cannot comprehend there there Einstein themselves said it’s very possible that in a different dimension right now a railroad train is coming right through the middle of this room only we can’t perceive it because it’s in an entirely different dimension on many occasions when I’m preaching a message I tell the people you know this room is loaded filled with angels with demons they’re all around this place there’s probably a few hundred demons milling around here right now we’re tolling Gospel of Luke chapter eight verses eleven twelve that when the Word of God is taught and presented that the devil comes and takes the Word of God out of their heart so that they will not receive the forgiveness of personal sins every time the word of God proclaimed there right there they exist in a dementia we cannot proceed but they’re there the great John Milton says millions of spiritual creatures walked the earth unseen millions I’m sure more than that when the natural vision of that young man in second Kings six was transformed he witnessed this invisible army did you know there are 278 references in order God regarding angels how many times is the Bible how many times does God have to tell us something to make it true only once if he had 273 different references to angels I would say that that’s too many to ignore wouldn’t you agree to me of course you would well then why have the holy angels being ignored if I were to ask most Christians that I meet tell me a little bit about angels there were threats well let’s see have wings they wear white robes and the fly around 273 references and we don’t know much about them what are some of the reasons we have ignored the study the holy angels there’s always a danger of studying about angels and that’s because many will begin to worship them did you know that along with worshipping God and worship meet the Lord Jesus Christ that the Roman Church promotes the worship of saints the veneration and worship mean the same thing but did you know also that this Roman Church has always promoted the worship since the 4th century the worship of angels they promoted this worshipping angels and perhaps this has caused the reaction the other way when Ludwig ought in his textbook on Catholic theology says that the worship of angels by men is justified can never be justified God condemns it he goes on to say that decision in the Council of Trent which teaches us to invoke and worship Saints also may be applied to angels it’s wrong to worship Saints it’s wrong to worship angels we only worship God in the number one angel their worship was Michael in fact did you know that in a Roman Catholic calendar there is an event called Michaelmas Michael massacres on sep tember 29 which is when some people say jesus christ was born in better I’m not December there are other churches favors and large churches to that that were built to honor and glorify Michael one was built by Constantine just a few miles outside of Constantinople or Istanbul listen to them today and the other one was built in room of course this is a sin it’s wrong you cannot worship angels or any other human being only God is worthy of our worship we’re told in the book of Colossians chapter 2 and verse 18 let no man let no man beguile you of your reward in a voluntary humility and worshipping of angels intrude into those things which he’s not seen vainly puffed up by his fleshly mind and that’s precisely what happened in nearly every religious system around the world belief in such beans as angels in the Orient the Chinese have pointed roofs the pagoda roof a wonder why so that when the demon slide down it will poke them on the rumpus and they won’t come back anymore rather night they believe in spirit beings they believed in spirit beans in Burma who have been many times they call these spirit beans nuts and they’ll offer food to them they never take the food but the offer food them in certain places and you have other strange configurations and roofs and that’s to make sure that these demons have a hard time being able to get a foot in on these roofs very night God’s Word tells us that we should steady angels that’s why it’s there over 200 times 273 times by the way God refers to them and that’s worthy of our attention if you study the Word of God at all now what would be the benefit of studying the Word of God and angels in particular well I think the number one benefit of it would be coming to understand the many biblical reasons that God has them there and to understand why God created them when he created them to minister to me and to you it will give you a greater understanding of who God is it give you a greater understanding of God’s creative power and how special we are as born of the Spirit believers it’s going to show you i’m going to give you a new view of god’s tremendous sovereign control over the world in the universe it’s going to increase your appreciation of God when you see what he has created in this angelic host you cannot read the Word of God without paying attention to all these extraterrestrial creatures how they work and you’re going to get a whole new vision of what God is like and who God is I think you’re going to be thrilled when you begin to read the Word of God take out a concordance and look up the word angel see every reference where it’s found there and archangels God has dispatched those angels not only to serve him but in serving him to serve you and to serve me these angels are busy attending to us that’s exciting the good thing is that the only way we know about angels is through this book called the Bible it’s not a fairy tale book this study will force you to dust off your Bible pick it up and look the desktop of there and get excited as you read what’s containing these pages the many passages God gives to us about angels Billy Graham wrote a book entitled angels God’s secret agents we said I’m convinced that these heavenly beings exist and then that they provide an unseen aid on our behalf he says I do not believe in angels because someone has told me about a dramatic visitation from an angel impressive as such rare testimonies maybe he says I do not believe in angels because UFOs are astonishingly angel like in some of the reported appearances I do not believe in angels because ESP experts are making the realm of the spirit world see more and more plausible he continued I do not believe in angels because of the sudden worldwide emphasis on the reality of Satan and demons I did not believe in angels because I’ve ever seen one because i haven’t he said i believe in angels because the says there are angels and because the Bible to be the true Word of God and so when people ask John briella John why do you believe in angels simple because God mentions them 273 times in the Word of God and if you ever take time to read God’s Word you can’t miss God’s references over and over again about angels you also have a clear meaningful knowledge of these wonderful powerful holy beautiful creatures who serve God and more importantly serve you and me as messengers of God you will learn who they are you will learn what they are and you learn how God wants us to respond to them who they are what they are and how would you respond who are they if you know some religious people who did not believe in angels don’t give a second thought they’ve always been people who do not believe in angels never didn’t believe in angel we’re told in the book of Acts chapter 23 and verse 8 for the Sadducees say that there is no resurrection neither Angels nor spirits but the Pharisees confess both there’s two different sex within Judaism the Pharisees and the Sadducees the Pharisees were the Orthodox believe in the Jews and so this religious order injury the sad you see denied the existence of angels were they right of course not they’re totally wrong there were Jewish liberals as opposed to the Orthodox believe in Pharisees of which the Apostle Paul belong to the Sadducees didn’t believe in the resurrection as well as many mainline denominational pastors and churches deny today nothing new however the Bible tells in the oldest book in Old Testament the book of Job chapter 19 verses 26 and 27 where God tells it and though after my skin worms destroy this body yet in my flesh I shall see God job believed in the resurrection the worms destroy this body in my flesh shall I see God whom I shall see for myself and not another though the rains be consumed within me amazing job had a knowledge of the resurrection there’s far too much evidence in the Word of God to say that angels do not exist God tells us in the Old Testament that angels are personal beings who are the messengers The ministers of God and if you’re one of the rare people in this world who reads the Bible regularly you must have noted time and time again clearly that angels are woven throughout the Old Testament throughout the New Testament throughout the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ upon this earth they’re everywhere if you were to merely take all of the Angels out of the Old Testament you have a mess you would have inexplicable events you would have gaping holes in the narrative you have events that had no possible way of occurring you would have problems without solutions if you remove the Angels from the Word of God why because they’re everywhere and guess what you’d put god the same boat with everybody else God would be having hallucinations like everyone else who thought they saw angels because if there aren’t any angels who is God sending all this time what about the New Testament conversely if you look into the New Testament you’d have to reject the new test totally who would announce the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ who would tell the shepherds were to go who was that they came to Jesus after his temptation after you’d faceted hopeful for for 40 days and ministered on to him if the angels weren’t the ones who did that who was that came to the grave and announced the resurrection who’s going to come to gather the elect from the four corners of the world who was the freed Peter and John from prison I mean how could they walk out of jail with the locks on the door shut the guard still there and then gone God tells us the Angels did it marvelous interventions by supernatural beings would be reduced to lies in the New Testament there will be no spiritual warfare in the Christian life because there wouldn’t be any angels God said we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness in high places these are demons these are angels there wouldn’t be any demons there wouldn’t be any Satan what would we be doing and friend word just concentrate on something that isn’t there our Lord Jesus would have only imagined his conflict was Satan that he was too diluted and then just tried reading the book of Revelation without angels all you have would be the church the chapter headings they’re everywhere from the beginning of the Bible to the end of the Bible there are angels everywhere I really feel that the greatest single testimony to the existence of angels is the testimony of Jesus Christ and I believe what a lord jesus christ says and all the word of god is the word of jesus christ in his own teachings he talked about angels he told us a magnet chapter 22 verses 23 to 30 that same day came to him the sad juicy’s which didn’t believe in the resurrection r angels which say there is no resurrection and asked him saying master Moses said if a man die having no children his brother shall marry his wife and raise up seed on to his brother now there were seven brethren the first wenyan married a wife deceased and having no issue left his wife on to the brother likewise the second also and the third all the way down to number 7 and last of all the woman died also so the question posts our Lord Jesus was therefore in the resurrection whose wife shall she be of the seven for the all had her as a wife Jesus answering said unto them you do err not knowing the Scriptures nor the power of God for in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage but are as the angels of God in heaven the Lord Jesus was talking about the angels who live in heaven so your friend tells me that there are no angels and Jesus tells me that there are angels guess who I’m going to believe again in Matthew chapter 24 verses thirteen thirty-one he talked about angels where’s and then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory and he shall send His angels with a great sound of a trumpet and they the angel shall gather together his elect from the four winds from one end of the heaven to the other those are the words of our Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew chapter 26 verse is 52 and 53 our Lord talked about angels again and then save Jesus onto them put up again thy sword into its place for all they that take the sword shall perish with a sword think is the house that I cannot pray to my father and he shall presently give me more than twelve legions of angels in Matthew 18 verse 10 he talked about angels again he’s a take heed that she despised not one of these little ones for I say unto you that in heaven they’re angels do always behold the face of my father which is in heaven friend angels exist I believe it because the Word of God tells me so but I’ll tell you something else I believe because I’ve encountered there myself I’ve encountered the follow the followings on many occasions and known it and I’ve encountered the Holy Ones and haven’t known it I haven’t perceived them many times but I could look back and I know they were there the Bible says so I’ve encountered the devil haven’t you and his hosts the Bible says we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against who principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness in high places this is what he’s talking about if you’re living in this earth you’ve encountered them you might not have received them but that’s where your battle is against and so the existence of angels is very well established there watching over the world affairs is due in the Book of Daniel when Nebuchadnezzar was in his proud hey days and the watches were watching and so it’s time to do something with old Nebuchadnezzar and they did friend God has a special plan for your life he knew about you before the world began and he established a plan and a purpose for you an eternal plan and an eternal purpose that can never be changed he knows if you’re going to have a penitent heart and he knows you’re going to have an impenitent heart but God wants you to know that he’s not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance he wants you he wants to draw you the father wants to draw you to a sudden Jesus Christ so that you can establish this intimate personal relationship with Christ having your sins washed in the blood of the land having confessed your sins to God where God promises that he’s faithful and just to forgive your sins and to cleanse you from all unrighteousness that’s not a very bad deal can’t think of a better one than that if you’ve never asked Jesus Christ to forgive you no better time than now we’re told in the book of Corinthians chapter 6 now is the accepted time now is the day of salvation ask the Lord Jesus Christ from your heart Lord Jesus forgive me a sinner if you do he will Lord Jesus thank you for the angels that you provided us that surround us day by day that deliver us from so many evil situations that would have consumed us but by your grace you’ve given us all these angelic hosts to minister on to us as the heirs of salvation we pray that you continue to guide us by your good hand and fulfill all the good plans in your purpose for us in Jesus Christ bless this message to each heart as only you can for we ask you Lord Jesus near great and precious name for your honor for your glory amen god bless you friend Emily bless you richly dodo jamboree in invitando tsk mere noes 0 mise en contacto con nosotros SI tienes alguna znk two days cerca de la palabra dios es que manos y tomamos a responder pronto tenemos una revista que blimey Mo’s cada mess SI lo que cero Sri Restivo nose are today the Bible and you per box this is yet a venti dos uno siete dos dos broken arrow okla mo siete quattro cero ooh no trace pongas en contact queremos Oh scooch rdt tenemos una revista quieres que se que es las ricas donas 1000m eramos gratis que justamente y que de rennes diga applicable you you


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