This is the New Life Orphan Center founded by Pastor Khup Lam Thang (aka Thangno). Currently there are 32 boys and 12 girls, all orphans. We thank God for this orphanage that has adopted them and provides for all their basic needs. Two of them had recently graduated from university. With their degrees, they have more opportunities than others to find a stable job in the city. Yet, they choose to serve the Lord by remaining in the orphanage to teach other orphans. Indeed, this is the living testimony of how blessed they have been that they want to repay the debt they owe to God.

Pastor Thangno makes sure all the children in the orphanage are trained in the way they should go so that when they grow up, they will not depart from it (Prov 22:6). The children received the basic education from kindergarten to university. They are taught Bible stories and Christian songs that will help build up their relationship with God. Truly they have experienced the love of Christ in their lives, and are assured to know that God, their heavenly Father will never leave them nor forsake them. Let us continue to pray for them that they will grow up to be faithful Christian men and women for the Lord. 







Earlier this past year, we began to help a new orphanage (Grace Children’s Ministry) in Burma, which is run by Brother Zam Kap.  He began by renting an apartment, but that had so many inconveniences (two bathrooms for 24 people, being too loud for neighbors).  These inconveniences forced us to pray for land and God answered this prayer.  Today, by God's grace, a piece of land (40 x 60 sq ft) has been purchased, and we are now praying for funds to build a children's home.  They have drawn up a sketch of the building they hope can be built for about $40,000.


Several orphans were born again in the Lord and then baptized. Please continue to pray for special spiritual wisdom for them.  




Please let us know if you would like to be a vital part of these efforts. We love hearing from you and are thankful for everyone's prayers and support.


CALL  918-279-1136

TOP PICTURE: The children at New Life Orphan Center with Pastor Khup Lam Thang (aka Thangno) and his wife (center)


BOTTOM: Pastor Thangno and his family


BELOW:  Grace Children's Ministry 

BOTTOM:  Brother Zam Kap baptizing one of the children.

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